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2.5 " Shungite Merkaba

2.5 " Shungite Merkaba

SKU: C019

2.5 " Merkaba Star


Merkaba: Mer means light, Ka means spirit and Ba means body. This dimensional energetic configuration is held as a divine vehicle made entirely of light and designed to transport or connect the spirit and body to higher realms.


Shungite is useful for protecting  against the electromagnetic  fields and it also is a natural balancing cosmic and telluric energies, as well as psychic attacks. 


Shungite never takes on a charge.  Thus using the appropriate form and calibers of Shungite can cancel out or at least counterbalance the effect of a fault line or stray electric currents or other geopathic pollution. Shungite objects can be used for any type of balancing and harmonization of negative waveform and of lines and intersections of negative telluric networks. 


The pieces have properly been cleared of any negativity in relation to the exploitation of Mother Earth and are ready to get infused with your special energy of light, love and gratitude for whichever intention of reciprocity you have with them.  

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