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Tibetan Brass Prayer Bell

Tibetan Brass Prayer Bell

SKU: T004

This is a "TIbetan" sacred prayer bell  that has been manufactured in bronze in Nepal.  It  produces a very distinct meditation sound. The bell's full size is 6.5", the handle is 3.5 " long and 3" wide; the handle can be unscrewed.


These bells are rung in order to evoke protection from deities. Their sound is meant to symbolize the voice of the Buddha, equaling the sound of the heavenly law, or ‘Dharma’. At other times, the bell can represent a call to serenity, and an indication that it is time to start prayer and reinforce faithfulness. Whilst mainly used by Tibetan monks to bring order to a group of people passing by for worship, bells have also been used by those passing by, in order to indicate their answer to a call for prayer.

Color: Gold
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