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Elite Shungite nuggets, large

Elite Shungite nuggets, large

SKU: C006

Each piece is unique and around 1" to 1.5" long


Elite shungite is a mineral that has a silvery color, reflects daylight and has a smooth surface similar to glass. This rare mineral received an additional prefix in the form of the word-Elite or Noble. Unlike the black classic type of this mineral it is 98% composed of an allotropic form of carbon. In the classic black type of this rock only 30%. This form of carbon is not found anywhere else in nature. Also, the elite representative of this mineral does not get his hands dirty and contains the largest number of fullerenes. 


The pieces have properly been cleared of any negativity in relation to the exploitation of Mother Earth and are ready to get infused with your special energy of light, love and gratitude for whichever intention of reciprocity you have with them.  

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