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Orgone Cloud buster Shungite - 5G Protector

Orgone Cloud buster Shungite - 5G Protector

SKU: O030

Powerful 5G Protector with 7 - 1/2'"copper tubes 7.25" high, 4.5" diameter.


This piece is built like any ChemBuster but specially created to fend against men made environmental toxic energies and radiation.

It contains a base of 99.9 crystals of fine crushed quartz, brass and black iron oxide, left in the sun with the Schumann resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz. This device was created from the research of Wilhelm Reich. Transforms harmful energies resulting from electromagnetic emissions of electrical equipment (DOR), such as fluorescent lights. , TV screens, computer monitors, high-voltage cables, cell phones, but most of the repeaters for telecommunications, clean orgone energy (POR) and regeneration balancing the energy field.

  • Works continuously 24 hours a day.
  • Converts negative energy fields into positive energy fields.
  • Purifies the air, detoxifies the water.
  • Helps plants grow better.
  • Mitigates the harmful effects of EMF and RF radiation.




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