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Orgone Cloud buster space harmonizer

Orgone Cloud buster space harmonizer

SKU: O006

Powerful Harmonizer with 7 - 1/2'"copper tubes 11.5" high, 4" diameter.


The pipes are arranged according to the isometric or "bad call" vector equilibrium matrix.  The piece contains quartz, iron oxide, and is cured with the schumann resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz while being programmed. This device transmutes electromagnetic energies that are harmful, such as luminescent lights, TVs, computers, high voltage cables, cellular, and any telecommunications device equipment, regenerating and balancing life force field energy from the environment. It can contributes to climate balance, thanks to its ability to transmute and order energy.


The central point quartz is powered by a source of white energy generated by the matrix, the mix of colored quartz on the top absorbs all frequencies from EMR, this energy is attracted by the metal swarf in the middle, then passed through the citrine where energy is cleansed.



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