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Small oval Bolga tote-Afrika, colors

Small oval Bolga tote-Afrika, colors

SKU: BA008

Each one is differently beautiful and unique as the hands that crafted them.


Dimensions are between 8”-10” long, 6”-8” wide, 8”-10” tall (not including the handles).



These are strong, durable, colorful and entirely hand-made baskets from river grass, known as “elephant grass” by local weavers in Bolgatanga, Ghana in Afrika.


Genuine Bolga baskets are exclusively woven by the indigenous Gurune (also known as Frafra) people around the town of Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana. For many generations, weaving has been a traditional skill of the people there. The soil around Bolgatanga is not fertile enough for extensive agricultural activities. The region has an erratic rainfall pattern and generally harsh weather conditions. As a result, handicraft activities such as basket weaving, leather work, and pottery are undertaken mostly by women to supplement their incomes since they are primarily subsistence farmers.

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