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Sombrero vueltiao

Sombrero vueltiao

SKU: S001

The process to produce a Sombrero Vueltiao isn't an easy one. First the caña flecha () leaves have to be obtained and the vein must be removed using a knife and a piece of leather to obtain sturdy strips. The strips are then dried in the sun until they turn from green to beige or white, after which they are sorted according to their color. The beige or sucias (the "dirty ones"), are then soaked in a sand-free black mud. After about three or four days in the black mud, the tinted veins are washed thoroughly with cold water and boiled in a pot in the presence of vija, another wild plant, for at least a couple of hours. After this, the tinted strips are once again dried by exposing to the hot tropical sun for quite a while and the cycle is repeated until they have reached a uniform black color.

After this lengthy process the caña flecha strips are weaved into braids that are used to form the sombrero (hat). This can take many days depending on the quality that is desired. Once achieved then the construction of the hat continues with the part known as olma (central part at the top) which is the first ring of the hat. Later comes the crown of the hat followed by the wings. Once this manual part is finished, the work is completed using a foot driven sewing machine and the hat is sewn all together.


This one is 23 rounds (vueltas) andf is 18.5" in diameter.


The Veintitres 23: like it's name says, it uses 23 pairs of caña flecha strands in its construction. Like the Veintiuno, it's very fine and notably softer to the touch and so light weight that it can barely be felt on the head when worn. They can take up to 12 to 20 days to make from scratch.

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