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Wayuu Elegant Design Mochila M

Wayuu Elegant Design Mochila M


The mochilas average a size of 8" diameter x 9" high, the strap length averages 38".  They are well crafted with an inner lining with pockets and a strong strap.


The meaning of weaving for the Wayuu:

“To be a woman is to know how to weave.” The tradition of weaving is highly respected within their matriarchal culture and is a symbol of wisdom, creativity, intelligence and status. Every clan can be distinguished by a particular woven pattern. 


A Wayúu girl learns the ancient craft from her female relatives during her sacred coming of age ritual that begins with her first menstruation. As the Wayúu are staunch matriarchs, this rite of passage prepares women for their leadership role. During the “confinement,” as it’s called, girls live in isolation for up to several years and are taught the customs and beliefs of the Wayúu, how to take care of a home, how to cook, how to mediate conflicts and how to weave.


The mythological origin of the weaving tradition can be traced back to a wise spider called Walekerü,  who, according to legend, taught the first Wayúu women how to weave creative patterns into different accessories.

Type of design
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