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Wool Ruana

Wool Ruana

SKU: R007

The ruanas is a folcloric poncho style wool garment originally worn by the native Muisca of the high Andean region of Colombia, especially Boyaca.  The word ruana comes from the chibcha language and means "Land of Blankets."  The ruana is well-suited to the cold temperatures of the region where they are used not only as a piece of garment but also as a blanket for use in bed or to sit on as a cushion of sorts. Many ruanas are handcrafted with sheep's virgin wool. 


This piece measures 29" in length from the shoulder, and is 48"wide.  Due to it's width, and in the way it falls from the shoulder, it gives more length.  This one is combed out on one side making it softer and left rough on the speckeled side, which gives it a raw feel.

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